Sunday, June 25, 2006

My first non-rainy weekend in DC

Well, this is a tribute to our weekend in DC! For once, it didn't rain at all - till we were sitting with our friend Matt at Olive Garden in Fairfax. It was gorgeous - not too hot, cold, crowded...
This was taken right of the grounds of the Washington Momument - this guy couldn't figure out how to press the button on my camera - so we had been waiting there a while with a fake smile on our faces!
Ducks were definitely all around us walking down the mall by the reflection pond. So, I took a picture of one with some of her little ducklings! We saw one of the "papa" birds ruffling his feathers to another one. Gotta be "top dog" doesn't he!
The next picture is one of the new WWII momument right before you get to the reflection pond on the WM side of things. It was pretty cool - they had a team of pale-yellow-shirt-wearers singing while we walked by. All the states had their own mini-momument. I got a picture next to FL - the good state!
The next is as close as I'll ever get to White House (probably - you never know when Laura will call and invite me to a state dinner). We thought how boring those guys must get as they sit in their cars at either end of E street. What a life!
Then we went to Georgetown and shopped and walked and ate at Furin's again (the little cafe me, Dana, Rach, and Vic went to in April).
We then headed back out and went to Fairfax to meet up with Matt. We went to Wegmans - THE GROCERY STORE. I still love Publix, but this place (from NE) is amazing. Like a southern season, Publix, Whole Foods, bakery, pizza shop, chinese buffet place - all wrapped in one building. Its great! Right next to Matt's apt - he's got the life! He loves the place. Then we drove to OG, but on the way we passed a fire. So, what do we do...did what everyone else did. Stop - I mean in the middle of a major road on an overpass looking over I-66W, stop our car, shut it off, get out of it, and stand there and gawk. I mean - talk about rubberneckers. Amazing no wreck happened with the onlookers. An ice cream delivery truck had caught on fire and was blazing away. They had the interstate shut down, but then we left and went to dinner as it started to rain. We we came out about 2 hours later - they had completely shut down I-66W. We think it was still from the flambe'ed (sp?) ice cream truck, but not sure. Anyway...
Then we went to IKEA and got back to Richmond a little after 11. I was tired, sore from walking all day (about 5 hours total of pure walking). But, we had a total blast!
We both slept in this morning (after I woke up at 6 to let the dog out) and ate oatmeal and fruit for lunch and left. It rained on the way home, but we chalked it up to a great weekend - very relaxful! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

We had a Wegmans where I used to live in WNY. And it is, indeed, awesome.