Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How much more Christ?

Boy - I feel like again I have to explain my title... (at least I'm getting creative)...
Today was a rough morning at work - I didn't go to lunch till 1, so of coure I was hungry. People were giving me tons of things to do (and my normal tasks). I'm always informed that I'm the low-end of the totum pole - so that never helps moral either. But, at lunch I started my reading with Phil 2 - this is what jumped out at me. If I think I deserve so much better than how I'm being treated..."how much more Christ?"
2.3 - "regard one another as more important than yourself" Christ had so much more reason to think he was The MAN (mainly b/c he IS)
2.7-8 - "even death on a cross" - I think i die when people give me tons of work to do???
2.14 - He didn't grumble or complain while on the cross - how dare I complain at my "suffering?"
2.15 - If I were to have a pleasant, quiet spirit about me when my co-workers ask me to do something, how much more would that show them Christ?

Then, I read John Posey's blog, and listened to a song this morning - it was all beautifully put together...
Now's the time
Let the redeemed celebrate
If you know what I know You can't wipe the smile off your face
Oh people, stand up and praise
There's a reason to dance There's a reason to sing
Of the sacred romance With our Savior and King
We lift up our hands We fall on our knees
To the Son of Man The reason we are free

All glory to The King of Kings, Lord of Lords
Oh the value of Your worth No worldly treasures can afford
And we praise You forevermore
So we take up our cross, there's a reason to die Because Jesus is alive

This is by Mercy Me, but definitely check out the Posey Report and it will all make more sense.

God has been teaching me a lot about desiring Him and dying to self. So, in honor of that, I'll stick with Ps 73.25-28 - one of those kick butt sections of Scripture b/c I know I'll never be able to accomplish it. The last verse especially...what is my good, what is my drive, what is the reason I live, "the nearness of God is my good". That should be all I want in life. But, how can I live without doing what I'm called to do? Do you settle for not being able to serve God in the way that you know He has called you? I know I don't gain standing with Christ any more b/c of what I do, but b/c of that knowledge - do you just not do it? Where is the balance, that line I was talking about a few weeks ago?

And, last thing for tonight. I've picked up a few books lately...
Spiritual Secrets of Hudson Taylor - finally... I'm learning that no matter how tough it god, God saw him through and his faith remained solid.
And the Shofar Blew - Great work of fiction - about what true worship is and how we get so off course sometimes (even when things are going well). We forget to keep the Main Thing the main thing.
The Horse and His Boy - C.S. Lewis - the second in the Narnia series - never read it, enjoying it so far!

That's all...my thoughts continue inside my head...

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