Sunday, June 11, 2006

Digression into storms!

Well, here in NC we may not get thunderstorms everyday that you can set your watch by as we do in central FL - but we got a great one this morning. Starting around 5a - thunder, lightning, pouring down rain, the wind blowing...all the good makings of good sleep weather - but alas, I tossed and turned and never really got back to sleep. this pain medicine is taking its effect on me - sometimes sleeping a long time and sometimes not being able to sleep at all. For the most part it keeps me out of pain - but there are some stings sometime that I am ready for them to go away!
Anyway...I digress - my parents I think are getting some of the first tropical storm this season - that came off the yucitan - so that should bring just some rain. We'll see how many come ashore this season - my brother, Dad, and I love hurricanes. Don't know about my mom and sister-in-law. My Dad videos them from the yard as they come in - my brother and I would love just to either run in them or sit on the porch and watch them come across.
Again - I ramble - have a good Sunday

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Anonymous said...

Heh, yeah, good old "Alberto"'s been raining for a good four or 5 days here off and on. I could hardly even see tonight driving home from the storm. Season has begun!