Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fave portion of Scripture (one of at least)

There are several portions of Scripture that I go back to time and time again because they kick my butt and are total truth (like all of Scripture). Most of them are in Paul's letters or in the songs by the psalmists. I read one today as I was sitting waiting for my surgeon to perform the post-op review (it was great by the way).

Phil 3 - one of my favorites!

1. Paul tells them over and over again to rejoice - not in circumstances (Paul was in jail at time of writing) = but in the Lord. He never gets sick of telling the church that truth.
2,3. He warns us to be ready because there are going to be people who tell us things that are contrary to the truth. Only the WORD is solely truth - that is the only thing that can never be false!
3-6. Paul cites his contributions to the who's who list of Jews. That is what I have felt like the past couple of weeks - trying to quite these of myself to make myself feel better for not spending time in the word and in the Spirit.
7. What a lifelong verse to pursue - all these things (those contributions he just rattled off) - are nothing to him, he counts them as loss.
8, 9. All things are counted loss compared to knowing Him. Knowing the power, resurrection, the suffering, the triumph, humility, meekness, genuineness, love, amazingness, truthfulness, incredibleness, graciousness, tell-it-like-it-isness of Jesus.
10. Be conformed to his death. Like I go around praying that everyday. But, I need to be dead for Christ to live in me. Dead to all things - selfish things, me things, things that I want, when I want, how I want, who I want. Only Christ shall live in my place.
12. But I press on.... Oh, if Paul had to say it, than I definitely have to say it. Paul - the greatest missionary of all time - going to big cities and little cities telling them of the resurrected Jesus. He didn't have it all down - I surely don't have it all down - but do I press on? do I strive everyday (not so my works will save me), but that I may do what I'm created to do and know Jesus.

Amazing portion of Scripture. That tied with Ps 24, 27, and 1 was my reading today. More than just reading it - I want to live those Scriptures. Not just one day or one hour - but everyday, all the time, and when I fail - Seek his face and his power and press on!

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Anonymous said...

hey, just spotted your prayer request in the email and thought i'd check here to see what was new with you :) glad to hear you are doing well, i always love reading your thoughts on scripture here!