Tuesday, June 13, 2006

First Ever SBC

Just an update from my first ever SBC (that's Southern Baptist Convention). It is like an oversized church business meeting (we all have those). Frank Page - from SC, got president with just over 50% of the vote. Jimmy Jackson, from AL, and trustee for SWBTS, got first VP, (very close 51 or 47 vote over Mark Dever), and Wiley Drake, dude from CA, got 2nd VP. We were all posed ready to take pix of JD as he was sitting in front of me listening to the results (that came at like 930p), but he lost to the 4th guy, but came in second. I don't think he will lose any sleep over it.
Big thing for the next year is the IMB/speaking in tongues, alcohol drinking, dogging trustees (who aren't perfect) thing. Pray for our trustees of the IMB and some future implications this discussion and ultimately decision may have on future missions.
It was good to hear from Aaron Coe - who is pastoring The Gallery in the SOHO area of NY. He works with New hope new york and we at the Summit partner with them in prayer and sending teams. It was good to see, twice in 3 days, such passion for The City.

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