Thursday, June 08, 2006

Unity in the SBC???

Well, now that we are past my surgery - on to more exciting topics.
the SCB next week in G-boro. Should be something to talk about for a while - at least among political sbcers and bloggers.
As I drove to work this morning my Dad and I were talking about it. My Dad isn't a SBCer but I am. But, I agree wholeheartedly with him. The three candidates talk about unity - but here we are having a presidential run-off. Just like our country - what kind of unity do we have when half like Kerry and half like Bush...
President - Ronnie FLoyd - so he's not a theologian - but neither is Bobby Welch or Jack Graham.
1st - not educated enough
2nd - GO JD!!!

So we are going to argue about where our money goes with missions giving - which is definitely needed - but we should be concentrating on theology. Because what good is money if theology is all wrong. Missions and evangelism have to be tightly linked to correct and Biblical theology.

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