Sunday, June 18, 2006

For the Dads

This is my Dad. He is a professional genealogist and is very good at it. He loves theology, college sports (b/c he doesn't like to watch people work in the pros), old-fashioned hymns, bluegrass, and listening to sermons on his iPod. This picture was taken the weekend before my seminary graduation when we took a trip up to DC and this was outside Mt. Vernon - George Washington's home. It was really pretty. I've learned the most about grace and provision from him.

This is Frank (and his beautiful wife Kasey and daughter Katelyn). This was taken when I had them over before Christmas. I don't get to see them that often. He loves taking pictures. If you live in this area and need pictures - you need him to take yours. They are wonderful! Get in touch with me and I'll get you in touch with him. He is a youth pastor over in Apex and loves the Bible.
This is David. He's the pastor of a church in Raleigh (where I'm going later today). He has three kids - Grace, Jake, and Maddie. LAst week as I was eating lunch with them at Bennigans - I learned that he loves monte christo sandwiches and playing golf with Jake. And they like Phil Mickelson - go the USOpen. He lets me come talk to him about once a year to figure out what is going on in my life, taught me a lot about missions and evangelism when he was one of my pastors at my old church, and really believes in me. I like it when people believe in what God has done in my life and is doing in my life.

One of the newer Dads - Brad. This is with Shep. I love how much he really cares for his son. Watching him hold him is so cool because you can see how much he loves him. Thanks Brad!

For the ones I don't have pictures of on my computer...

JD - my pastor (go here for cool pictures of his girls). One of the best things he loves doing in his life is being a Dad. He loves those girls and could talk a long time about them!
Bobby - (go here). One of the things I love most about the way Bobby is a Dad is he keeps his family as a priority. Most pastors I know put family low compared to other things, but the one thing I always remember about Bobby is how he always takes his day off, will take the girls to school, loves going on family vacations. You need to teach others how to do it!
Danny - the connections wonder. They are crammed busy as a family - but he loves those boys! Posted by Picasa

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