Sunday, June 11, 2006

What God is up to in other places than Durham...

God is working everywhere. We sometimes think we have the market on God's work...but just to tell you...
EASIA - There is a team of college students and adults from the Summit that are over at three college universities building relationships to tell people about Eternal Life and a personal relationship with their Creator!
VT - There is a family out of SEBTS who went up there to plant a church. They played a dvd this morning with an OC Supertones song on it - it showed kids and adults having fun skiing, playing ping pong, learning about Jesus - relationships leading to the Best Relationship of all.
NY - White Plains NY to be exact. There are a couple of folks leading a church movement up there. White Plains is about 25 miles north of the city - Fortune 500, Trump Towers, an airport, a little bit of country. But, the most important thing is the people are learning about Jesus - whether it is through basketball playing or Bible studies. Pray for them and check in with them - see what God is doing up there. As the pastor said today - if we can reach NYC - then we can reach the world (or something like that).
Raleigh - RCCC is a church in Raleigh where a friend of mine is the pastor. They have had exciting growth in his time as pastor (much like what God has done at the Summit). They are diverse in their age group - the youth ministry is exciting. They are going to Birmingham AL next week to do missions. Imagine the international missionaries God is going to call from out of that group of 80 who are going. They have a team going to the two places listed above this summer to help those churches out spread the word about Jesus. They preach the word, they meet the needs of the people who are coming, the women's ministry is very active, the singles' ministry is coming and charging ahead. I know most of the staff either personally, from an old church, or from seminary days. God is doing a great work over there.

So, its nice to take a day off from the Summit every now and then to see what God is doing in other places - not just in Durham.

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