Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why do we really need a gallbladder anyway?

So, it has been a while since my last post. During that time, I had my first ever hospital stay. Can I tell you that morphine is good stuff! :)
Last weekend I went to the ER at Duke at 3 am Sunday morning with Rachael in major pain. Was in the ER till about 11 and got transferred to my own private room. Only problem was my room was right by the nurses station - so when I was awake - it was loud!
Anyway...Rachael stayed all day missing a picnic at church that she was looking forward too. I had some of my pastor's drop by - they were all sunburned from our family day we had outside that I missed out on (stupid gallbladder). Then some of my girls stopped by. The next morning was my surgery - I had Vic come help me get ready for surgery (at 6 am) and then my deacon and friend, Bob, dropped by to pray for me before the surgery. The last thing I remembered was getting my arms inside these styrofoam things - then nothing till 12.45 when I woke up in recovery.
I had my very own private nurse, my women's ministries director Pat, she stayed all day on Monday. I had many people call and come by on Monday and Tuesday. Left on Wednesday = finally.
Parents came up and then I had to cook for a shower and Claudia helped me with that on Saturday.
I know I shouldn't drive within 3 hours of taking my pain meds because I wouldn't get very far.
But, I do know I am loved from my family and church family and friends. God is good - no complications and I'm still kicking (without the lactose intolerance - praise God!).

Thanks for the prayers!

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