Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sept 11, Judges 1-3

A start of a new book but one that is similar to the theme of Revelation. God is holy, he will judge the unrighteous according to His law. He will judge those under Jesus by their works, but they will be all be covered by Jesus' blood. Lord - let me even rejoice in your word when I get to books like Judges - let me get something from it and like it and know that even some of the OT is still your inspired and perfect Word - given to us for a purpose!

So, to start with, the people of God have now lost 2 leaders - Moses and now Joshua. They are in store for another one to see who will lead them as they continue to dwell and conquer Canaan.
1.6 - Maybe they even knew then that it was hard to work with out a thumb and it is almost impossible to walk without your big toes because they provide balance.
2.1-5 - See, God is still holy. He told them to conquer and remove all the gods of the people in Canaan and make it a holy city. They chose to do things their own way and God was not pleased. So, there were consequences to pay.
2.12b - "They went after other gods". This is such a tell-tale little statement. Israel is prone to go after other gods. We see it throughout Scripture, but especially in the prophets. So, God lets them know who is still God, whether they choose Him or not. They get the wrath of God. We get God's anger and discipline today when we do not obey.
Chapter 3 - Ehud and Eglon - Two odd things are really all we know about them. Ehud was left handed and made a right thigh sword. This obviously was necessary to kill Eglon, but I don't know why. Eglon was a fat man. He was the king and did evil - so God raised up Ehud. And what a thought - lock him in the room so his guards will think he is going to the bathroom, so he will die and Ehud can escape. Oh, the things that go on in the OT.

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