Friday, September 09, 2005

Sept 9, Rev 17-19

17.6 - I often think, and rightly so, that the world is mocking us (because the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing) even as the UNC student did last night as he walked through the Quad. Even the woman here holds the blood of the saints in her bowl. I can see her just laughing at the ones who died for the Gospel.
17.14 - We know there is a war coming, but unlike any unknown victor in the wars we now face (Iraq, New Orleans, whatever) we know who the victor is. I want to be with him, be victorious, be chosen, faithful and called. "What the law could not do - God did!"
18.7b - Even as the woman starts out haughty and bragging about her luxury - so is the world - bragging they are not dead, they are having more fun than we. But, as JD said, we are all guilty and dying. No two ways about it. As the Word says here she will face no mourning
18.8 - but as the next verse says. Death and mourning and famine, she will be burned up with fire, for mighty is the Lord God who has judged her.
19.2 His judgments are true and just. No judgment that God pours out on the earth is unfair or wrong or undeserved. As JD said and Piper said, its not that He is being so cruel to people on the Gulf or in Indonesia, but that He is being so gracious to us! Oh, that we may live under grace today!

God sits on his throne and is perfect in all He does - as He judges and rewards in fairness and grace.

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