Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sept 18, End of Judges

I didn't do it on Saturday. By the time I got up for going to Charlotte, I didn't have time. Then I got home and worked out and watched the Gator game, fell asleep, so I knew I would be too tired after the game. So, I've got to finish Judges today and read the first of Jeremiah.

Judges 18.1 - Obviously this bit about having no king is important, because this is the second time in 7 verses that it is mentioned. Leadership in God's people is highly important.
18.6 - Go in peace, the journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord. Sounds like Moses when he said we don't want to go unless the Lord go before us. I don't want to do anything unless it is in your will that I do it. It won't be successful in your eyes.
18.20 - Even in the midst of sin, the priest was happy because it meant more popularity and "being seen" for him. Never let me take the popular road. As Christy Nockels says, the purest place will never be the most popular place.

To be continued, I must leave for church in 18 minutes, so I need to get ready!

20.26 - In the midst of battle, death, and victory...they wept, fasted and sacrificed. How important it was for them to do that - whether it was for mourning or for victory - they knew the relationship with God had to be there.
The last verse - 21.25 - Everyone did what was right in their own eyes because Israel had no king. no direction or leadership -

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