Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sept 24, Jer 25-28

25.4 - A picture of Dr. Schemm's son pulling his ears forward is the picture I get when The Word says they didn't incline their ears. They just went on not knowing how to hit the golf ball.
25.9 - I will invoke them to destruction. This is God's leading in the evil done to his people. God still leads things to destroy sin: hurricanes, sickness, etc. We are all a fallen people with sin in our lives. His grace is all-sufficient though.
25.29 - All for his name's sake He would not want the city that is called by his name, known to be for his people, to be inhabited by a people who do not know the Lord.
28.17 - Whatever the Lord says will come to pass. We can believe it and should believe it!

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