Wednesday, September 28, 2005

God's Isness

OK - finally, catching up...this is good...tomorrow morning will start back on the right track!
42.11 - God will protect us from evil ones - that protection nowadays may not coming in the sparing of life - but excelling in His glory and fame by providing you with gain - heaven.
end of 42 - why do we always think we are going to obey God and believe him, just until He tells us something we don't necessarily want to hear? It is not very often that we actually obey rightly the Word of God.
44.16 - Why are we so obstinate in our the fact that we don't incline an ear to the teaching of the Lord and his word (prophets, Jesus, Bible)?
44.23 - Because of our sin the desolation happened. God is picky and peculiar about His glory and He will not let it stand to be profaned. He will act in accordance with His glory.
44.26 - He swears by His very name - by His very isness.

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