Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sept 18, The Start of Jeremiah - 1-4

I am so excited. This is one of my fave OT books. I'm excited to get to read through it again!
1.5 - Even before Jeremiah was born, God had a great plan for him, He made him holy - set apart - consecrated
1.6 - Excuses, excuses...why do we always offer excuses to God when he tells us to do something. We don't need to argue with the sovereign God of the universe.
1.9 - "I have put my words in your mouth" - we don't speak with our words - let the HS fill us so we rightly share about him.
1.16 - the peoples' greatest evil was worshipping other gods and the work of their own hands. This is where the jealousy for your name comes into play. We see it throughout Scripture.
2.13 - Two evils: forsaken me (we wouldn't need the next one if we hadn't done this) and made cisterns - broken ones at that - for ourselves. We can't even make gods right - these are broken. So they won't do anything for us. What are my broken cisterns?
2.22 - No matter what we do to wash ourselves clean of our sin and sinlessness, are cleanness is as filthy rags and we utterly fall short of God's glory. "The stain of your sin is always before me."
2.28 - God mocks them, but proves a point. Let your gods do their thing and save you if they are really there. Why do we even bother with bringing evil things before the Lord or saying they aren't really "that bad".
3.1 - you have played the whore with many lovers. What is my love Jesus? Who have I committed adultery with? Why can't I stay true to you? So much like Hosea.
4.4 - God just doesn't want our fleshly circumcision, but he wants there to be no "skin" in between our hearts and His will. He wants nothing to be hindering our relationship with him.
4.22 - Oh, Jesus, do not let me be wise in doing good. Am I clever at it? Do I "long" to know the new ways of doing evil. I want to be innocent of the things of this world - I want to be innocent of sin.

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