Sunday, September 04, 2005

Zech 9-12

OK, so I read one chapter too many today. I guess that means I have one less to read tomorrow. The posting late is due to staying in St. Augustine and only having access to dial-up, so I didn't want to control the Crum's telephone line.
9.1 - burden of the Word. It is not a light manner in which God has given us his God-breathed Word. We are to take it with the intentions that He gave it to us.
Hadrach and Damascus were the judging places of the Lord. We can't get away from God (even as Jonah couldn't). Everything we do and say and think is known by God. Zech likens silver to dust and gold to mud. Even the most valuable things in the world to us are as rubble to God because they are worthless. Lord will strip: possessions, sea power, devoured by fire. These were port cities where the main means of income and prosperity was sea. They had no more power on the sea and that probably meant they couldn't control the enemies who attacked, and that led to the destruction by fire they experiences.
9.7 - these were given to be a remnant That is only by the grace and mercy of God.
9.9 - These were prophecies about the coming of Jesus that came true: king is coming to you, righteous, having salvation, humble, mounted on a donkey, speak peace to the nations, to the ends of the earth.
9.11 - the blood covenant with you referred back to the Exodus. God constantly reminded them of his faithfulness to them as He delivered them from the Egyptians. Oh, how often we forget God's faithfulness to us.
9.17 - "For how great is his goodness, and how great is his beauty" - even in the midst of the Tsunami and Katrina
10.1 - He will give rain
10.2 - Nonsense, lies, false dreams, empty consolation, wander like sheep, afflicted for lack of a shepherd (compare all to Jesus as the Good Shepherd)
10.3a - His anger burns against the leaders. How leaders are held to such a higher standard. I need to remember that as I lead in the power and strength that God provides (1 Peter)
10.5 - "mighty tramping the Lord is with them" We are only strong in battle because of the Lord's presence among us and His going before us. May we never take credit for anything that we win or have victory over in life.
12.10 - More prophecies: whom they have pierced, we shall mourn for Him

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