Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sept 15, Judges 12-14

13.1 SO - what a big word. The Israelites can't make up their mind whom they want to serve, so God gave them over. The bad thing would be is if God gave me over to my gods and desires that I have that are other than him. God, take those away, may I not serve other gods that can't satisfy - only you can!
13.6 - What an understatement - very awesome. I Can Only Imagine comes to mind about now.
13.19 - To the one who works wonders. As the footnote says, and is working wonders. God you are still in the business of working wonders. Let us have the obedience and the faith to see them!
13.20b - And they fell on their faces to the ground. Another portrait of correct worship. What we need to learn from this. Not always asking that God will show His face, because we would all be dead and I doubt that we would call him our "homeboy".

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