Friday, September 23, 2005

Sept 23, Jer 21-24

21.2 - Or maybe he will act according to all his wonderful deeds and (as Chris said) he will rebuke and refine us. It says that he whom He loves is rebuked and disciplined. Why do we expect nothing of the sort. As Ps 136 says, His steadfast love endures forever.
22.9 - This is why the Lord has to rebuke us - those who don't worship him and Him alone. It is for His great name that He must do it. Why do we even wonder when we do wrong?
22.16 - Isn't this to know me, declares the Lord. All these good things that we do are not an end in themselves - they are designed to help us get to know the GOOD. That is God Himself.
23.1-4 - Call to pastors - people in charge of a group - tend to them, or they will be yours no more.
24.7 - A heart to seek after God is a gift of grace. Even as the song by Shane and Shane that I am listening to right now is EPh 2.8-10 - what a picture of grace. We are not good figs on our own!

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