Friday, September 16, 2005

Sept 16, Judges 15-17

15.5 - One of the oddest things I have read in the Bible. Samson torches foxes' tails - but it helped destroy some of the Philistines - and it was all in God's plan.
16.6 - Idiot Delilah - what man is going to tell you how to bind him? You could have asked in a more clever way - just not come right out with it. Another odd thing in Scripture today? But, again, it was all part of God's plan.
16.20 - Scary words of Scripture - He didn't know that the Lord had left Him. Father - please do not let me experience that ever. Help me to stay, as David Sims said, in the very center of God's will and let me experience the fullness of that!
16.28-31 - Even in Samson's death, God was glorified because He was the strength of his victory. Everyone, when the Philistines died, knew who had done it.
17.6 - Without a leader or vision - the people perish. Same here as in Nehemiah. There was no king of Israel - the people followed the gods of this world.

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