Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sept 22, Jer 17-20

17.5 - Sounds very much like a proverb and Psalms that are written. We are not to trust in man, or in strength, and we are supposed to turn our hearts toward God.
17.9-10 - Very popular verse, but how often do I say, I'm following my heart. Lord don't let me follow my heart - including the wants to be married sometimes. Let me lean to you for understanding and which way I should go. You test the heart just like you do in Ps 139 and Ps 19.
17.23 - When you hear the legacy - it should remind you not to follow in their footsteps - but little does hearing the history help the Israelites - even today in our families.
18.2 - In the potter's house we are going to be refined and remolded - heated clay with fire - by the hearing of the Word of God.
20.9 - If you look at what is around this great evangelistic prayer of Jeremiah - it is of beating, of discouragment, of offense - all this and he still says - this is what I must do. Just like Jill's xanga site - a fire shut up in my bones.

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