Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sept 13, Judges 9-11

What a discouraging day, so hopefully time in the Word this afternoon will pick things up.
10.6-9 - With continued disobedience, comes continued oppression. Is that what he is trying to tell me?
11.7 - Often we do like Jephthah's brothers - come to God in distress when things are going bad instead of being loyal to him through everything. God may I not be lukewarm and scatterbrained when it comes to my relationship with you. May consistency be thematic in our time together.
11.39 - That Jephthah didn't argue or take back his vow to the Lord. I had to re-read this segment because I spaced out the first time. He killed his virgin daughter to serve as a burnt offering to God in repayment for victory in battle. His daughter was willing at that, didn't fuss at all. But said due to me what you told the Lord. What faith.

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