Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yet pursuing

Well, I read too much yesterday, so today I only have 2 chapters. Guess I should look more closely, but I guess it really doesn't matter!
7.2 - God wants to make sure that only He is going to get the glory. We want things to happen here (especially at the Summit and in Durham) so that it can only be said, God Did it! We don't want any of the glory. God - take it all
7.1-8 - Gideon didn't complain any over this taking away of his army. He knew that God knew what He was doing - he was obedient and faithful.
8.4 - I like this phrase. "Exhausted yet pursuing". Gideon and his men were tired of the battle, but they were consistently pursuing the final goal - victory (and God's glory). Even when we get tired in ministry or in the daily Christian walk - let us be "exhausted yet pursuing" God's glory in His strength.
8.23 - Gideon knew his position and he knew that he couldn't rule the people like God could. He still wanted to defer all glory to God!
8.33 - See, the Israelites never learn do they. They have a great leader - follow after God, he dies - follow after Baal. I know leaders are important, but they can't be our reason for worshipping. If JD or Chris or Brad left, would the Summit fall apart. Oh, please don't let the success of the Summit church fall on these men.

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