Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sept 8, rev 14-16

14.3 - Only the redeemed will be able to sing the new song. Shouldn't we also be singing a new and different song here on earth. Even as Louie said last night - we should be other than the world.
14.7 "Fear God and give him glory". This is very similar to "grace and truth" as Louie preached last night. There definitely is grace, but there is also truth - fear - holy and righteous that Jesus holds. We will see it when we behold the Lamb.
14.11 - "And the smoke of their torment goes on forever and ever". This puts an end to all the thoughts about annihilationism. It just isn't the case. Those who reject God will never be eased from their pain and death.
14.12 - Here's another call for endurance of the saints. If we don't have to go through any tribution, why would we need endurance and perseverance? Post-trib?
15.3-4 - Listen to thse attributes that Moses and John both say about Jesus, or God: Great, Amazing, Just, True, Feared, King of the Nations, Glorious, Holy, Worshipped, Righteous.
16.6 - The justness of God. This is what we, all of us, deserve. Wrath of God. We deserve nothing more than that because you are holy and we have sinned against you. Thank you for grace! It is so undeserved.
16.9 - Why not, why would they not repent. God had hardened their hearts and blinded their eyes to his truth. Only God can open them.

God thank you for opening my eyes to your glory. Thank you Jesus that you died on a cross for me and I have you and you are my friend. Thank you that I have hope - not only today, but also in the days to come, near and far. You are that inexplainable hope!

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