Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sept 6, Rev 7-10

7.9-10 - People from every tribe and nation are going to know that Salvation is God's and God's alone. That means people in Indonesia and Craig, Alaska and Costa Rica and Australia and Nepel and China. All these people will know that God is God! None of these other gods are doing anything because they are either dead or non-existent.
7.14 - Why wouldn't we have to go through the great tribulation? From my basic reading of the Word we would have to be post-trib, but I haven't read it all yet either.
8.1 - Silence in all of heaven. All waiting for Jesus to speak. What a sight that has to be. All in awe and wonder of what the Son of Man will do. I think we need to take better look at that and be silent in front of God sometimes and watch what he is going to do.
9.4 - They were only allowed to torment those without the seal of God on their foreheads - that meant some believers (with seals) had to be there. (Refer to 7.14)
9.6 - If people read this verse surely they would turn to God. Oh but wait, Revelation isn't really true its all alleghory. No! It is in the Word of God so it is true, and they will die and spend eternity in hell if they don't have Jesus.

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