Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sept 20 - Jer 9-12

9.1 - Jeremiah here and Paul in Rom 9 - oh that I had a heart for the people God has put me around like they did for their people.
9.13-14 - This is why the people are not successful and things are not going their way. They have obeyed themselves and not what they are supposed to be doing - obeying the ways of the Lord and following Him.
9.23-24 - No wisdom, might or riches - but only in our knowing of the Lord. That is what is going to matter in the long run. What a good verse to know going into Bible study tomorrow night.
10.23 - This sounds very much like the proverbs. It is not in the man that directs his steps, but in the God whom he serves. Thank you for directing my steps and telling me where to go.

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