Monday, September 12, 2005

Sept 12, Judg 4-6

Jdg 4.1-10 - This is a popular feminist passage in the gender role issue. I will need to study it more. But, clearly this is a prophetic role and not an expositor or church leadership role. Joel says that men and women can prophecy. They are just taking what God has said to them and proclaiming it aloud. Deborah was being obedient to that particular situation. She wasn't in a church leadership role over Barak.
Chapter 4 - They start out doing evil in the sight of the Lord, then Deborah steps in and Barak leads them, then they are victorious because they have listened to the Word of the Lord and have obeyed it.
5.5 - Mt. Sinai - quakes at the presence of the Lord. Remembering when Moses was on top of that mtn and the God stood on that mtn and passed by Moses. How the creation must have relished that moment. But, this one says that even the mountains will shake at his presence. Friendship/Closeness and Truth/Fear.
5.11 - There they shall recount the righteous deeds of the Lord. Oh, that we can tell what God has done for us. His righteousness stands alone among the nations.
6.1 - So, they have listened to this great song and have had a great victory, then what happens...Then the sons of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Will they ever learn? Will I ever learn? My relationship and communion with God is so up and down. I want the steady relationship of closeness with God - not going back and forth with sin.
6.7-10 - Then they whine when things aren't going right. Back and forth. When bad things happen then they want Jesus. But God says at the end. But you have not obeyed me. God wants our allegience all times, not just when it suits us. In Rev he says he doesn't like lukewarmness. That is definitely how the Israelites are. They are cold, hot, cold, hot. They find it hard to take a stand.
6.12-18 - God calls Gideon, Gideon offers excuses. But, but, but...If called, equipped. God will give us what we need to do the job for Him that he has called us to. We will not be able to do it in our own strength, but we will be able to do it in his. He wants and awaits are obedience and sacrifice.
6.31 - "If he is a god, then him contend for himself." Oh, that that nations would read this and listen. Dead gods, or non-existent ones can't contend for themselves. They can't if they are not. We see this clearly through the OT that God wins because He is GOD! The others aren't!

God will not take lightly anyone who dares to infringe on His holiness or take Him lightly. The Dew, the chopped-down gods and poles, the sacrifices with fire, the calling, the defeating and the victory. God is God and there is none other.

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