Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sept 28, Catch up #1, Jer 33-36

OK, so I was going to do this at night on the day it was scheduled, but when I got home from choir practice I spent much time in the bathroom because of what I ate all day - so it just didn't happen. So, I read it today while I was at work. Not, the best time or place, but I got to read it and got some stuff out of it!
33.2 - He is a self-proclaimed Creator! (Not just in Genesis 1)
33.8 - Guilt and sin. Here it is again! The two come up so many time in scripture together!
33.9 - God has created us to be His JOY, PRAISE, and Glory! We shall be these things to God!
33.11b - Self-proclaimed (since God wrote the Bible) song of praise/thanks right in the middle of this discourse by Jeremiah.
33.15 - Prophecy of Christ (one of tons in the OT). Justice and Righteousness - Jesus is those - just maybe not in the way the Jews wanted Him to be.
33.16 - Lord is our righteousness - something I will teach on this semester.
34.15-16 - Another time of the Israelites yo-yo effect of living for God - repented/profaned, etc, etc.
35.15 - Reproach of the Lord is rightly deserved. Turn from evil (Chronicles 7.14), amend your deeds, do not go, not serve...then he will be gracious.

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