Sunday, March 19, 2006

Almost 16, Psalm 143

Well, yesterday was indeed a lazy Saturday in which I didn't do anything. I was going to venture out, but decided against it. Took my medicine, watched Foodtv and b-ball, and cooked some (that means I also ate, not a good thing because I ate too much).
Today is church and shopping and then I don't know what comes after that. Should be an interesting day.
Go Gators. Again, they didn't even have much of a game come the second half, neither did Duke (so much for an upset). Pulling today for Kentucky, Heels, and Wolfpack. 2/3 would be an upset - lets hope that Carolina plays better than they did on Friday night and doesn't that GMU get past them.
Ps 143 - we always want God to answer us quickly. That is what the Psalmist prays. What God does do is answer us in HIS timing, but He does lead our paths (if we allow Him to - if we don't follow our own ways).

Lke 6-7

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