Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wow its been a long time!

Wow - it has been a week. THis has been a busy one! Moving, parents here, new job, busy, busy, busy. Sleeping at a hotel with your parents is not conducive to getting up early and doing your quiet time. But it I had really wanted I would have made it happen - I just didn't.
Moved into the new apt now I just need to unpack! Some of my girls helped Wed and last night. I am about to go make breakfast for them (or now almost lunch) soon. It will be nice and healthy!
Work has been good. I felt frustrated by late Friday afternoon, but I definitely have a better handle on things then I did at the beginning of the week. And I will get better at it. I love the people I work with - they are fun! And the stairs - at least I know I get some exercise every day!
Bible study was good on Wed night. We spent a longer time in prayer after going verse by verse through Obadiah - because it was so short. We talked about humility and God's sovereignity and faithfulness to us.
Got some studying to do on "women teaching men" so I will do that when I get back from Chapel Hill while slightly watching the game. I definitely want to know what the Bible has to say about that and be able to articulate it.
Pray for separate friends of mine. Two missionaries who are expecting a baby any time now, one missionary who is trying to figure out what the next step is, and one of my friends here who is speaking at a conference next weekend, but may have to attend a funeral during the same time. God will work everything out in each of those situations.
Now, onto many chapters of catchup in Exodus. May not get to all of them before having to make breakfast, if not...I'll come back.

Exodus 22-37 (here it through 25 - more later today)
22.18 - So, the Salem witch trial was right? I'm just kidding. But we do watch Charmed, Bewitched, Harry Potter, Buffy, etc - why?
22.20 - Whoever sacrifices to another god shall be devoted to destruction. The works for any other god (money, things, sports, tv, etc) will be destroyed. Only the things done for the Lord will last.

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