Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol, March Madness, The Cross and Strep Throat, Ezra

In honor of American Idol - I offer this blurb from Gene Veith - one of the leading thinkers on popculture and the Christian.I think he is right on!

I approve of "American Idol." In the judging phase, at least, it reinforces the notion that there are, indeed, objective aesthetic standards. No, you are not good just because you try real hard or are sincere or have a dream or think you are. Simon shoots down that subjectivist mindset with commendable force. The competition is rigorous, and--though the judgments are turned over to the masses who do have their heartthrobs and subjective sympathies--at the end of the game, the best artists so far have indeed risen to the top.

On to more exciting things...March Madness begins tomorrow. Go Gators. They play S. Alabama (who in the world are they) tomorrow at 2.25. And, thanks to STREP THROAT and Penicillen (sp?) - I get to watch it with even more vigor here on my home computer in ESPN realtime. The Heels don't play till Friday night.

Yes, that is right - the last two days of being sick have issued in Strep throat. My friend went with me today and for that I was very thankful - I didn't want to go by myself. It was a "minute clinic" at CVS. We actually got to talk to our NP about medical missions, church, and the whatnot. She was very nice. But, I looked at the little stick after 5 minutes and I either was having twins (a boy and a girl) or I had strep. I think I'll take strep. So, I got a doctors note to stay out of work tomorrow, but I have to go in some on Friday to turn in my time card because I want to get paid. I've been reading The Cross Centered Life - I offered this thought to my Mom today in light of the sickness: our decaying (sick) bodies are due to sin. In the Garden they never got sick - there was no sin. The Wages of sin is death. But, that is why we have the Cross! Thank you Jesus!

So...more on CJ's book: It seems like lately I've been practicing legalism. Not that I would ever say I need works to get me to heaven, because I would never get there, but CJ puts it like this:
"Legalism, in other words, means the glory goes to people rather than God. ...The implication of legalism are staggering in their arrogance." So, when I want people to notice what I am doing and how much I am doing - that is legalism. Oh, Lord, help me not to "steal" your glory.

Now, on to Ezra...

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