Friday, March 31, 2006

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As I am sitting here this morning, I was thinking of the title of my blog. Even though I don't always talk about the Word, proper...everything we do in life should be in light of the Word and our relationship with its Author. As I tell many of my can read anything you want (within reason of course), as long as you read it in light of the Word and everything in it in light of TRUTH. So, that is how I look (hopefully) at everything: sports, worship, songs, books I'm reading, relationships with friends and 3on3s.
Anyway, it is finally the weekend. I have opps this weekend to chill (not many), have people over for the GATOR game (hopefully my wings turn out well - Alan is the pro, not me), drive to Franklinton and Raleigh two separate times so I get good drive time, anticipate a small deadline at work so it will be crazy today, talk with friends, participate in worship, hang out with kiddos, etc. Busy weekend, but at least I don't have to work as well.
I'm reading a book called Sex 180. My main thing with it right now (it is good, don't worry), is that so many times we are looking for the right answers for why not to have sex before in a committed marital relationship, but so often we are not asking the right QUESTIONS. It is not so we won't get pregnant, won't get STDs, wont' get AIDS, won't get hurt, but it is so we can please our Heavenly Father - the one who died for ALL of our sins, and wants all of us. He is not being stingy, but He is jealous for His glory to be lived and displayed through us. That includes our sexual lives as well.
Ps 40-43
40.11- Mercy, steadfast love, and faithfulness will preserve me.
40.16 - Another great song, (and I don't need Gaynor's help with this one). i love being able to read through the word and have melodies come to mind because the ones I sing are verbatim Scripture.
42.1-2 - When will this become true of me? When will be able to be said of me, I thirst for God, I can't wait to spend time in his word, not be it drudge work for me to do, or just something that I have to do...
43.4 - Is he my exceeding Joy (ps 16.11)
42 and 43 are very similar, some verses are identical.

Now onto making a grocery list...


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