Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Comfortable Bed, Wednesdays, and Romans bed is so much more comfortable in this apt than the other one. It is very difficult to get up in the morning. But, alas, another day of work. It is rather cold (both outside and inside), so maybe that has something to do with my lack of want to get up!
Looking foward to today...class this morning for work, choir, Bible study, have to run to the store after that to get some stuff to make baked ziti with. Just a full day - sometimes I like those, I guess it depends on what it is full with! :)
Oh, yeah, I get to be in Romans for the next week. That is always good! I love the "Bible in a book" book.
1.5 - One of the things we have been given grace to do is call the nations to obedience. But, not for our sake or to the glory of the "soul-winners" (or to see how many baptisms we can have in one year), but for HIS GLORY.
1.11 - May I say that of people that I want to see...that I may impart some spiritual gift to them. I know that happens, especially when I see people I haven't seen in a while (I'm thinking specifically of Bobby and Phyllis back home - whom I haven't seen now since August - pray I'll get there before this coming August).
1.21 - How often do I act like the unrighteous: not honoring God or giving thanks to Him.
2.4 - Maybe my new favorite verse in Romans - it is only God's kindness that leads us to repentant. We could all be consumed by His holiness, but instead, he grants kindness.
3.3 - Of course both rhetorical questions. Of course all of us were unfaithful, and God is still faithful. He dependence does not depend on us.
3.24 - Such an overlooked verse - but good news nonetheless - justification and redemption is a gift of His grace! Praise God I don't have to earn it!

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