Saturday, March 04, 2006

Boyd on Tsunami

Boyd sermon on the tsunami:
One of the guys in our church put this sermon on his www. Greg Boyd is an open theist who preaches and teaches much on the problem of evil. Just thought you would like to go listen to it as well. Listen to it in light of Scripture - that is what I challenge you to do. Go hear and listen to the first sermon:

1. I don't think God's main aim is love. God's main aim is showing the world Himself - yes, which a part is love.
2. The Church is supposed to be the New Humanity? Recovering the groaning creation?
3. The first five minutes almost made me turn it off right then.
4. Ok - I agree on the fact that creation and humans - our reflection of the glory of God - has clouded God's glory to a world because of sin.
5. So is he saying that Satan controls the things that happen in this world (tsunamis, earthquakes, plagues, etc)? Even though Paul calls Satan the 'god of this age' - God is still God of the Ages - that means He controls everything - including Satan.
6. So, we disagree - God does control everything - that means He is God. If He didn't control everything - than someone would, and he would be god then. God is God. He created the whole earth.
7. If Jesus wouldn't have done it - than God wouldn't do it? So God only does things that Jesus did? Jesus also said that the end is coming and it isn't going to be pretty. Is God going to be in charge of those earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars - isn't that part of His plan?
8. We don't live in a Good Friday world. If we didn't live in an Easter state of mind (world) - than we wouldn't have any hope.
9. Of course I love his last point - we need to be the kingdom of God!

Not a horrible sermon - I just disagree with his main point

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