Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today's blog brought to you by the letter J and P

Ok - so this will be quick because I'm tired.
Jonah is really a funny book as we learned tonight at Bible study. So many hilarious (haha, not hoho) happenings in it. Go read it with fresh eyes and just see the humor that God provides us with - and so many truths as well.
Can I just say - I love my worship pastor. Talking about his grandfather, the difficulties in life, being vulnerable with us, knowing triplets and eighth notes and how that works into the truth of the song we were singing, tying it all in with the goodness of God. Being so energetic about the letter P. He's just really cool. Chris Gaynor is his name. He is about to marry one of my best friends. He is living proof of the faithfulness of God in so many ways. He's a great cook, loves college kids, knows how to decorate, play the piano, preach the Word, and pick out engagement rings. Thank you God for blessing Durham with a man of the Word and of music -

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