Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Almosts and the Justs

Today has been a productive day. Made breakfast for the girls. Got the stove fixed, cleared out some more boxes and threw them away. Went to Super Walmart and Goodwill. Went walking with another one of my girls and talked about all the people we know (small world) and the best Chinese food in NC (close second is Charlies) - CHEN'S in Franklinton - oh what a great place. She may even pick me up some! :)
Now I'm talking to another friend on the phone and we are talking about the "almosts" and the wounded pride we feel. God always picks the place where are strongest to make us weak. When we acknowledge that we are at the end of our own resources - that's when God kicks in!
Alright - now on to Exodus:

STarting in 26:
26.33 - And the veil will separate you from the Most Holy - then how precious the Cross is because the veil was rent in two. The glory of the Most Holy Place and One was made available to us because of the bloody cross. Doesn't seem to glorious by the world's standards - but God uses the foolish things of the world!
28.36 - On Aaron's head - "Holy to the Lord" - could that be worn on my head. NOt Holy for the Lord - that is works based, but Holy To the Lord is position based. God has set me apart to Himself. This was done in the action of the cross and in the election to be one of His daughters - to bear His image. Do I do it? Oh, Lord, consume my life that that can be said of me by Him - not necessarily by other people.
31.6 - God will give the ability where He has given the call.
32.4 - How could hot gold things bring you up out of any land? Much less out of slavery, bondage, provide manna and water, provide a way of escape...what was Aaron thinking?
32.34 - Yeah, sure - like throwing in gold things just comes out in a form of a calf? Aaron doesn't want to take the responsibility for the sin of the people God has entrusted to them. What kind of leader was He - not all the time, but just this time. Where is the unhindered obedience?
33.15 - What a great verse - one I always love and is always pertinent. EVen in the life of my friend tonight - I pray Lord that she would listen to you for her next step - outside of the almosts and the justs.

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