Saturday, March 18, 2006

Random weekend stuff, Road to the Dance, Apologetics, and Luke

Many things, but nothing much of important:
1. Well, with all this down time I haven't done much of anything. I went into work for about 1 hour yesterday and was tired, so I went to get a few groceries and to the bank and came back home. I watched Spanglish which I really like and I cried. I think I cried the first time I saw it too, so I can't blame crying on being sick. Then I watched FoodTv, cooked a breakfast dinner, and watched b-ball, monk, House (which I'd seen - all about a dead cat), and more b-ball. UNC had it tough...let's see if they do better tomorrow night against George Mason I upset team!
2. I have all these clothes scattered around my room - I wish I could wear them. I need to be able to wear them. When I have energy again to be exercising - that will help. Eating less doesn't cut it when you aren't building muscle mass.
3. I didn't read any yesterday and I probably will just do my quiet time today - that will be all the reading I do. You know you go in those spurts where you wanna read all the time, I'm not in that spurt right now. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of stuff I could be reading...but...
4. Duke plays the first game today and Gators play next. I would really love the first game to be an upset. I don't like cockiness - and I think when you are ranked number 1 almost all year - every week - you get cocky. I think it happens to any team. USC for example. The Gators have done it too. I think it is bad for them as well, but they are my team, I have a vested interest in their winnings.
5. My old youth group is having a DNOW this weekend. They are talking mostly about tough topics and how to confront (with compassion) those topics when they are brought up in their relationships. Apologetics - every Christian needs to know them.

Ok - on to Luke...
1.4 - That you may have certainity. That is why Luke wrote Theo - shouldn't that apply to us as well.
1.38 - May I always have the faith of Mary, a teenager, a virgin, who was expecting a baby - not just any baby - but the King of the World. So be it...
2.29-32 - What Simeon said about the little Jesus boy: salvation, prepared in the presence of all peoples, light for revelation to the Gentiles, for glory to your people Israel
2.37 - the life of a dedicated prophetess widow: worshipping, praying, fasting...all those years, never giving up and going on to other business - but always being about the business of the Lord.
3.3 - A baptism (a dunking) of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. This is what the baptists teach (as well as some other denoms)
3.21 - Why was Jesus baptized - it obviously wasn't for the above
4.2 - Jesus was definitely human. After his 40 days of fasting - he was hungry (brings me back to YL days)
4.18-19 - I think these verses are found in Is 61 - what great truths - prophesy that was about Him that was now being fulfilled.
4.17-22 - This seems to have been done all very matter-of-factly. There was no room for discussion. Jesus picked up the scrolls, read it, sat back down, and said Yup - your looking at him. Then they all praised him. The people weren't there to argue about the history of Isaiah or the interpretation of the Hebrew.
4.32 - His word possessed authority (just as in creation and John 1). Just like the very words of Scripture. Logos
5.8 - Seeing the glory and working of Jesus - a very haughty, proud, and arrogant fisherman was humbled because of his sin. Oh, God - let me see you and be humbled and repentant.

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