Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thinking leads to light blogging and Gators over Uconn

Sorry for the light bloggings...just been doing some thinking the past two days, that's all.
Tomorrow teaching on Micah - another great minor prophet.
The 16 is this weekend - I'll watch it in Richmond with some friends. Go Gators. One of my fave pastors who writes for another blog picked UCONN to beat the Gators - what is he thinking. I liked him up till now! :) Go Gators - hopefully you do beat the Conns but...it won't be the end of the world. I won't be in mourning for days like certain other Heel fans are right now just because they lost. at the end of the game I get over it - what good is mourning or rioting going to do for any body? Is it going to change the outcome of the game - no. So, you might as well just get over it!

Go Gators -

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