Sunday, March 12, 2006

Different Churches, Tourney Sunday,and romans

You know - God has allowed different churches to exist for some reason, and I am really glad He did. I went a different church this morning for the early service. Most wear suits and they aren't contempory (by some people's opinions). But the pastors love Jesus and missions and stand for the inerrancy of the Word and the preaching of sin, hell, heaven, and the cross and empty tomb. They don't water down the gospel. Then I got to come back to my church and love the contemporary worship and I don't know of any of the pastors that wear suits (JD did have on a sports coat this morning) and our pastors love all of the above as well. Just different means of getting there.
March Madness continues - and today is conference finals. Gators and Blue Devils are winning. Go Gators! :) Oh, that one was close. I thought the Gators were going to let the Gamecocks get the better of them - but whoohoo - they pulled it out. BC is ahead of Duke. Oh, how sweet an upset would be. Mainly because Coach K thinks it is his team's destiny to win this game. But, Duke does have a 1 point lead with 11 seconds left - who will win??? And Duke won it be 2 - close game though...
On in Romans - 11-13
11.6 - If works played any role in our salvation - it wouldn't be salvation by grace. There can't be both.
11.36 - I love Paul's use of prepositions in this verse.
12.18 - But peaceably don't mean "be tight friends who share everything" - it just means peaceably. Peaceably means none of this passive aggresive stuff. But hurt is hurt and pain is pain - very real in this world of sin we live in. Now to determine life on the other side of that. Relationships are never the same. Remembering back over relationships in my life...hurt and pain helps add to education and guarding and growth (not necessarily in that order). Paul may not have meant this type of peaceable relationships - but...

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