Sunday, March 26, 2006

VA, UF, JC (all explained in the blog)

Ok - finally back in NC after a weekend in VA. I discovered I really liked the northern part of the state - could see myself living there (because I don't have to explain what sweet tea is, it is pretty, has good churches, and is closer to DC and NYC then Durham is). But, don't worry, I don't have any reason to go up there at the moment (for anything longer than a visit).
I went to a great mexican restaurant on Friday in Chesterfield with 2 friends from the Board. It was called Don Jose's - best chicken enchiladas I've ever tasted! :)
Then - we went home and watched bad officiating, but the GATORS won! they actually start playing in about an hour - I have to listen to it on the radio. Currently I'm watching the cinderella team (GM - which I was by their campus this weekend) and UConn. Go GM - mainly for the upset factor.
Then I drove to Fairfax to hear Carolyn Mahaney speak at Sov Grace church of Fairfax. Many more women there than I thought. Got to talk to a teenager who was not excited about moving with her family to start a sov grace church in Titusville FL. But, I got her info and will hopefully be able to encourage her in the coming months as she moves and ministers in the good state.
Then I hung out with one of my college guys who just moved to Fairfax to start working at the Dept of State in DC. We had Chipotle for lunch (sorta like Moe's - but they don't yell at you when you walk in the door). There is a wider variety at Moe's too. But, Matt was doing good - he had gone to the Sweet 16 doubleheader the night before.
Then I went shopping. After all I have heard about IKEA - it is not much to write home about. But, I found good stuff this weekend at Kohl's, BB and B, Michael's and Borders. Then I came back to Chesterfield and watched the game a little bit and called it an early evening. I was tired.
Got up late this morning and headed back to NC. My vacation weekend was over. Oh, well. Must I always live for the weekends?
My newest reading assignment for discussion with friends ( a newly formed book club?) is Wicked - the opposite story from the Wizard of Oz - a story about the originality of good and evil. Should be interesting.
One thing I sang this weekend stuck with me: Jesus, my Rock and my Redeemer, He is the reason that I sing. Why do I let so many other things determine what I base my joy on? Or let others determine when I'm happy and when I "want" to sing. The only reason I have to sing is because of the grace of Jesus - go Jesus! let me always sing to you.
On a HAPPY NOTE - my friends on the other side of the world, had their baby and the pictures are posted. He is adorable! I can't wait to see the little guy in person.

Well, back to work tomorrow - hope everyone had a great weekend. Go Gators! :)

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