Thursday, March 16, 2006

Multi-Day Blogging Part 2

Part 2 - Well, good things there were some upsets today in the world of the Big Dance, but I'm so glad UF played well. They really weren't even involved in a contest come the second half. USA played pretty good the first half, but then lost interest in the second. I thought BC would lose, but their opponent gave up in the second over time. I was actually pulling against UT, but then they came out with a win in the end. And Erin's team didn't pull it out - that was probably the biggest turn of the day - OU losing. Now we have Gonzaga playing - let's see if UNCW can pull an upset, then the Devils tonights. I doubt Southern will give them much of a contest. Uconn and Villanova and UNC tomorrow (along with other people). Thanks for ESPN RealTime so I can keep up with all these games!
Even staying in bed all day (which I did except for making some great chicken noodle soup and watching the first OT of the BC game) was hard. My shoulders hurt now, I'm already sick of taking Penicillen, finished a John Grisham book (getting to be like my mom - finishing a novel all in one day), getting on wwws and blogs.
One of the other things I did was confront theological issues again. Will it always be a battle. Maybe not this particular one, but yes, in a fallen world (myself included, yet saved by grace) theological issues will always be at hand. Unfortunately mostly in the church. But, the thing to remember - Rely on the Infallible, inerrant, perfect Word of God and not the books of any other person. Know the Word inside and out. Be able to discern what the peripheral doctrines are - not the ones key to salvation (the grace doctrines). As one SBCer said, Is that going to be a hill on which I'm going to die. You've gotta choose your battles.
There are some people very dear to me that I differ on key doctrines with, but we let the conversations come and go, each believing what they believe, and thankful for the chance to know our respective sides a little better. Then there are some people that like to make personal attacks when they differ about theology. That is not something I want to be about. Some of my best friendships during seminary were with people who disagreed with me on some issues - but we didn't let that get in the way of our friendship because we kept our disagreements in the world of theology.
I love arguing - and I'm willing to get in a discussion with most anybody on any given theological subject (sometimes I'll just listen because I don't know a lot of things about most things). And I like to hear a good theological debate. I remember one that the Student Gov't sponsored on SE's campus back when I was a part - a Duke prof and our president. Pretty interesting stuff. Even Duke people said we "won". Then there was a recent one including some conservative guys and some liberal guys - I heard the liberals blew us out of the water. The precision of argumentation. I wish I knew how to do it better. But once it gets into personal attacks (which I've been to some debates where that is what has happened) - I tune them out. They have left the world they are knowledgeable in. It is no use defacing theologians personally just to win an argument. It is not becoming of Christians or theologians. we are. 3 years out of seminary, still learning, and realizing it seems the further I get out of seminary, the less I know.

I do know this...God saved me by grace through His Son's Work on the Cross and the Empty tomb. I did nothing to earn it, and I can't lose it. It was God's choice - and He let's me love and serve Him. For that I am grateful.

Tomorrow, to my knowledge, I am going back to work for the afternoon and then going to decorate Easter eggs and sugar cookies - should be fun. We'll see how I'm feeling after one more pill and a good night's rest - (hopefully). I may have to wake up everynow and then and see how duke is doing.

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