Friday, March 31, 2006

duke lacrosse

Well, I thought I would comment on the Duke Lacrosse thing:
1. You are innocent until proven guilty - one of the backbones of the judicial system in this country.
2. No, we don't need to ruin the player's character before the results of DNA testing are back.
3. yes, rape is wrong in every case if it happens.
4. But, what are clear that the Duke LaCrosse players did: had a party, hired a female dancer: neither of which are becoming to a top notch school where these players are touted as being ones with high character and good grades, excellent students.
So, as one of my friends said, these things are unbecoming, much less if you add rape and racial slurs. Those things just make it worse.
But, like I've said, if we are going to fault them, then let's do the same kind of reporting for every person that rapes or has a wild party or hires dancers for parties. Would any of it decrease?

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