Thursday, March 09, 2006

Listening versus Talking - the battle begins

Listening and talking. Perception and reality. Whoever said that little quote "perception is reality"? I love it when I'm using that in my own defense, but it feels horrible when the tables are turned. So, as I told a friend tonight. Shut up. That is what I'll do. Immediately tonight I needed to read James - oh, that precious little passage about the tongue. Oh, what good it does, oh, what harm it does. God, may I use it less in the days ahead for harm (then I seemed to have done recently). Know your truth and speak it in love. Do what you have called me to do and not what anyone else asks of me to do. May I listen to you more than any man (or woman) you put in my life. Only listen to You and Your Word - that means I first must know it. Let me definitely read more and speak less. Use this time to teach me and discipline me - humble me (as a good friend said tonight). Humbling times are never easy - but oh, they are so good for us. Crying is good for us too - the salt stings your face (kind of like words misspoken do to the person) and then it leaves your face feeling very cold (b/c it is wet) and that is how some relationships are left as well (after words are spoken - not after being cried on). But, in all of it - God is good and His truth stands forever. Help me to know you and your truth more and more - may that be the pursuit of my life. James 3.1-12 speaks on this very subject. If you need to know (or just want a refresher course) on the impact of the tongue...than go read this - but don't expect to come away feeling great about your self. But, that is why we have grace.

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