Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday, March Madness, Trust and Truth in Finalized Hope

Well, pictures are hung in my house so things are looking more like a lived-in apt then a sterile environment. There is COLOR!! A friend of mine came over and did his best picture hanging job. It is great to have a perfectionist come hang pictures - you know it is going to look good!
FL and UNC won yesterday, Wake really beat State (sorry Gray and Jenn - but Gaynor and David T are happy). Today is more games within the conference tourneys but I won't get to watch any of them I don't think.
Been thinking about Prov 4.23 and what that means in my life right now. Trust is an easy thing for you to get in my life, but once broken, very hard to re-earn. Guarded - it is where I am right now. God heals in His timing though.
Women's conference going on today for the Summit. My friend Christina is speaking at it. I pray the women listen with openness to the "gospel" of biblical womanhood. Also, today, a group from the Summit (mostly college kids) are on their way to NO to help with Katrina relief. I personally am missing the NYC trip - but maybe that will come back around at some point.
Today: going hiking in Raleigh (yes, there is a place), helping a friend unpack, reading, and then chilling tonight at home (I hope).
But for now, Romans 9-10. Some really hated chapters (really only 9) by some, but gospel truth to others. Just sometimes hard to explain to others - the sovereignty of God.

Rom 9.3 - Will I ever be there - where Paul is - that he can say that he wished he would go to hell just so others would be saved?
9.14 - God is not one of injustice. Everything is based on his holiness. Whether it is grace given to those who are saved (because we should be going to hell) or whether it is people in hell (because they should be in hell just as I should be in hell). I am not the dispenser of grace - God is. That is why it is Unconditional Election. I've done nothing to earn the grace that I have received. Christina is speaking on this this weekend. Grace is unearned. It would be payment for services rendered if it was earned - not grace. Grace is free, but not cheap.
9.22-24 - Good verses on the subject.
10.4 - Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes. Do you see the hope in resting on someone else (who is perfect) for your righteousness. Hope transferred to one who has already accomplished it.

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