Sunday, March 05, 2006

Summit News, Heels, Exodus, and Moo

A good day at church this morning. Great sermon. Later in the week you need to go listen to it by clicking on the Summit link over to the right. Go JD - way to preach expensively!
Another one of the Summit people got engaged, this time it was one of our secretaries and the guy who leads music at Cole Mill Road. Who shall be next?
UNC won - go Heels. I had to watch the game on the computer, cause I just didn't feel like going back out. They held on and came out way ahead. I don't know - did Duke just give up? That is two losses in a row for Duke. I may work there but my allegience still lies with the Heels (don't worry - the GATORS take all precedence though).
Now, onto the end of Exodus: The last three chapters of Exodus: Obedience, blessing, Presence of Glory.

Onto to some RBMW reading. This is to develop my studied answer on should women teach men (even in small group settings) and what should my response be to it? This is something I'm dealing with right now and need to be able to articulate my Biblical stance on it. But, once I got it down - how do I know what to do personally when I'm in a group that practices opposite what the Bible says.

This is a chapter written by Douglas Moo on 1 Tim 2.11-15
1. This commandment of SCripture is for the whole church at all times. It wasn't just for the Timothy's church at the time or the new churches in the first century. This does apply for the church today.
2. Women do have the gift of teaching. Sometimes they can teach better than men, but that doesn't mean that they should teach men with Scriptural authority.
3. I guess the lingering question for my group would be do they see the teacher as having authority over the group (which includes men). I think so. If you are preparing the Word, asking the questions, directing the group - then you have authority over that group - even if just for that one evening.

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