Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Simple Things, CJ's book, and the Big Fish

Yeah, the simple things in life: a night at home, a fixed computer (now I can show people pictures and they will be able to tell what they are), a good episode of House, and getting to bed before midnight - oh, the simple things. :)
Tomorrow starts the Summit's Focus on Easter - if you can really call it anything. We've got a prayer guide walking us up to a big day when lost people come to church (usually one of two reasons: someone invites them, or they feel they have to do be a good American). I am also going to be reading through CJ's book - The Cross-Centered Life. It is the precursor to Living the Cross Centered Life - the one JD recommended.
Tonight though - it is all about disobedience and a big fish - you guessed it - Jonah. And we are studying it in small group tomorrow night. What perfect timing. Vern is teaching, so it should be a good introduction - my reading it tonight.

1.2 - Don't we wish God's directions for us were this verbatim and clear. He left no room for discussion - but Jonah took matters into his own hands.
1.3 - Jonah paid to get away from the presence of the Lord. We may not pay boat fare, but what else do we pay to get away from God's presence?
1.6 - I wonder why they asked Jonah to call out to his God - could it be that their gods hadn't answered?
1.4 - Unbelievers called out to God saying that He had done as it had pleased Him. What a profound thought. But, we often question the goodness of God...
3.4 - As JD has pointed out, the shortest sermon and look at the remarkable results. That's God for ya. If you want a good series on Jonah, click on The Summit Church on the right and go to sermon archives and find the stuff on Jonah from this summer. I was away for all of the series but one of them. It was very good.
end of 4 - God is in control - He does what pleases Him.

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