Thursday, March 16, 2006

Multi-blogging day Part 1

This will definitely be a multi-blog day. First will be thoughts on the rest of Ezra - then the second will be on March Madness day 1 (Go Gators), daily reading, and the reward of staying home for a day with strep throat...

7.6 - Here we have the character of Ezra: knew the Law, blessed by the king of the land, God's hand was upon him.
7.10 - What are the dreams in your heart? Ezra's was simple: know the law and teach it. Oh, that that may be an outcome in my life of knowing you better. That I might press into you more and more and therefore be able to teach it to my girls (and anyone else you would have me teach) more in depth and from a heart of one who has been saturated by it.

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Mayden's Voyage said...

I hope you will be feeling much better soon! Having strep is no substitute for a mini vacation...but you have to take what you can get during March Madness! :)
Take care!
-Cora :)