Monday, March 06, 2006

Little things I've learned today and Philippians

Oh goodness, key changes are tough in some songs, how are you supposed to know things if people don't tell you, walking is good for you, don't eat when you are stressed about not having any baking soda for your cookies...oh, just a few of the little things I learned today.
Now onto one of my fave NT books - Philippians:

1.6 - Bring it to completion. Reminds me of the song we did tonight at worship practice (an oldie but a goodie), One Day...I wanna get so close to Him that when He calls my name not much will change. Am I in that tight of communion with God - I can answer that with a resounding no.
1.9-11 - Very pertinent to some conversations I will need to have in the next coming days and weeks:
1. love may abound with knowledge and discernment.
2. Approve of what is excellent (but God's standards)
3. Pure and blameless for the day of Christ (see reference to song above)
4. Filled with the fruit of righteousness that only comes through Christ (not works - see Eph 2)
5. All for God's glory - not mine (see Eph 2 again)
1.27 - Let your life be worthy of the gospel of Christ (the shame of the cross, the empty tomb).
3.7 - All those things that Paul just listed - give it all up, all of it trash - compared to knowing Christ.
3.9 - Righteousness comes from God and depends on faith (which is also a gift, see Eph 2).
3.14 - What is the upward call of Christ Jesus? And is that what I am pressing toward?

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