Thursday, March 30, 2006

randomness and psalms

Been taking a slight break from my reading plan, but tonight will do some catch up in the Psalms. I've gotta go back and do Luke here eventually. Probably not this weekend now as it will be kind of hectic, but all good.
Been baking, enjoying my job, going like crazy, got a hair cut (don't worry, nothing drastic), saw old friends, will be doing some scrapbooking, etc.
Been doing some reading and preparing for some writing opps I'm going to be having, so that is taking some of the free time too.

Now for Psalms 26-39
26.7 - Do I do that? Go around telling of what you've done - or do I go around telling others what I've done? My life is mostly about me I am finding out - and not solely about what you are doing. Help me to change focus.
27.1 - The Lord is the stronghold of my life. But what else is. God isn't going to share the position of power in my life with anyone or anything.
27.4 - A great verse. ONE THING - not one thing out of many. May I ask that one thing because that is where I find everything I NEED.
31.3 - Why does God take great delight in leading and guiding me...because it is for the fame of HIS GLORY
32.9 - I have the best in the eternalness leading me, why am I so often like a mule or a donkey - not wanting to go in the direction He is pointing - I fight it. I don't want a bit in my mouth. Those things look painful - I didn't even want braces. Why can't I go painlessly?
33.1 - Praise befits the upright. That is what I want said of me. I want to glow when I worship. Not because i've adorned the outside more that day, but I want my life to glow because I am praising the only one worth my praise. This is what should make me beautiful - not a new glossy haircut!
34.5 - Goes so perfectly with the reference above.
37.3-5 - These verses mean more to me every passing day. Sometimes I don't think I believe them, but I know I trust in the goodness of the Lord (and a BTC song comes to mind - Gaynor could probably tell me exactly which one I'm thinking of).
37.31 - The Law of his God is on his heart. What god's law is on my heart - the god of this age or the GOD OF THE AGES? What does my life illustrate?
39.1 - Help me to watch the things that I say...not be fake...but just have speech that is seasoned with salt, especially around the godless of this time and city.

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