Thursday, March 23, 2006

Surprise of the Night, Cooking as a Ministry, Micah, and the weekend is brought to you by Don and Carolyn

Ok first - Duke lost. What was with that. I work at Duke, so this is going to make for a rough day tomorrow in our office. Oh, well. I told one of the ladies I work with (former head coach's daughter) that if you shut down JJ and Sheldon then they lose. You can't rely on 2 people to make a whole team. As Coach K said afterwards, "they played a very physical game and we never switched gears." At least he was honest. I do feel slightly bad for JJ and SW. But, GO GATORS!
Micah has some really cool stuff in it. Hope, refreshment, light at the end of a bad day, knowledge of what God wants from us, tells us to give up idols, brings us HOPE for the coming MESSIAH! (700 years before He was born in the little town of Bethlehem). More stuff this weekend back in Luke.
I had a great night with one of my girls, Laura. She came over and we ate good comfort food, baked (orange yogurt bread with a orange glaze) and choc chip cookies. YUM! We just had fun. Remember, as I've been reading on Carolyn McCulley's blog, cooking is such a ministry. Just keep cooking and getting better, gain confidence in it, then use it for ministry to other people. I love it! :)
I'm looking so forward to this weekend. Driving to Richmond tomorrow after work. Staying with a friend who works for the IMB, eating good mexican from a guy named Don, watching the Gators win (hopefully). Then on Saturday driving up to Fairfax to hear Carolyn Mahaney speak on the language of biblical femininity. Can't wait. Then hanging out with a friend who just moved to that area from here. Then coming home and hanging out in Richmond till Sunday afternoon. Glad to get away from here for a while, as my Mom said, "for a mini-vacation."
Yeah, the weekend is almost here

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